Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Accountability as summer ends

Summer is effectively over. The meetings have begun. I'm constructing syllabi. I capped off my summer with a week-long research trip to Pittsburgh (or did I begin my fall?---not sure). At any rate, based on yet another good idea from Phil, I figured blogging my musicological to-do-list might be a good idea for accountability. I don't intend on making updates a regular feature, but this will help me focus on what I need to achieve this year. It is going to be a roller-coaster of a ride this fall term (five classes spread over three institutions), so anything that helps keep me on track is a boon.

Lets Get Started!

Syllabi (Fall '09 only)DONE!
5 / 5

Textbook orders placedDONE!
3 / 3

Book Reviews
0 / 2

Conference Papers
0 / 1

Program Notes
0 / 5

Pre-concert LecturesDONE!
1 / 1

Elections to coordinate/tabulate
0 / 1

The list above represents the items to which I have commitments/have been accepted. Below I've included some goals for this year.

Conference abstracts to submit
0 / 3

Articles to submit
0 / 2

Book Proposal to outline
0 / 1

So, there's nothing left to do except get to it! I'll take this opportunity to wish everyone else happy term-preparation!

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