Saturday, December 30, 2006

GTD: Collection

Alright, here is the first of my GTD (Getting Things Done) update.

I have just completed the "COLLECTION" stage and boy, is it scary. The top of my desk looks great (partially because I can actually SEE it) but my current "inbox" is comprised of an overflowing tray, three shopping bags and a cardboard box worth of stuff. Once I process all of this I can see it is going to take a great deal of discipline on my part never to let it get this bad again. I'm not a slob, or even that messy, but somehow I've been filling in my dissertation time by making a mess--subconsciously, I suppose.

For all my readers out there, if you haven't heard, I am reading/acting upon David Allen's Getting Things Done, upon a recommendation from my dear friend
. Allen is what you would call an organizational guru. Here is a link to his website.

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