Thursday, February 22, 2007

Why performers get a bad rap

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"Why performers get a bad rap"

is a distressing bit of information (if true) on all sorts of levels. If I was a performer, a violinist in particular, I'd be seething. Given her rather illustrious career, it does seem that ignorance is truly bliss.

Mind you, there are plenty of non-performing music scholars out there who also have no idea what they're saying most of the time. But that doesn't feed into that given stereotype. Musicologists get the reverse stereotype: It is generally assumed that those of us who spend our time talking ABOUT music, know little of actually PLAYING it.

Oh, and you'll have to read the response to Alex Ross in the comments to know about whom he is speaking (eh, well, writing).

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Shaz said...

Yeah, she came to T-town once for a concert. It was awful. Butchered Brahms vln concerto. I mean she couldn't even play the opening gesture in tune. I think it's a scale or arpeggio, really basic shit in any case. Her and "Kennedy" would make a fabulous couple. :)


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