Friday, July 13, 2007

I've been tagged to ponder...

Well, I consider myself tagged, for a meme, that is. Normally i wouldn't engage in such frivolity (stop laughing--all of you!), but because this one came from Barnet Bound, I feel I must oblige. Of course the fact that I've taken this long to do so is a clear indication of my inner struggle (sure, it is).

Like BB, I'll be limiting my selections to four. The first one is something I have pondered, and I suppose I still am. The other three are more current.

1. When Terminator is dubbed in Spanish, what happens to the line "Hasta la vista, baby"? Answer: Allegedly, the line becomes "Sayonara..." Can anyone confirm or deny?

2. Why does chocolate taste so vastly different in the UK (and Canada too!) than in the US? Answer: I've got my own ideas and opinions, of course, but here's what the NY Times had to say (just in case you tire of reading about the state of the world).

3. Why now, after moving thousands of miles away, do I have this incredible urge to visit The Presidio? Answer: Pure nostalgia.

4. Do they grant PhDs in Endurance? Leave your answer in the comments.

If you read this blog, consider yourself tagged and do what you will. (Yes, I break chain letters too...I know, I know.)


John Michael De Marco said...

Slept way too little last night to tag at this moment, due to an overload of caffeine (see my latest post)...but wanted to briefly note that my late maternal grandmother should have received a PhD in Endurance for her 76-year-marriage to my Sicilian grandfather. Her dissertation could be summarized in the response she gave to a question of how they stayed married so long: (think heavy Sicilian accent) "We don't do a-nothing to enjoy ourselves."

Tess said...

I hear ya on the chocolate front. After discovering my love for Cadbury Dairy Milk while in England, I was disappointed to discover that the ones I purchased in Canada did not taste at all the same. Clearly I'll have to stock up the next time I'm there...


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