Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Norwegian Blogging Colleague

Unfortunately, Jeg/eg snakker/snakkar ikke/ikkje norsk (completely unconjugated and gender neutral, courtesy of WikiTravel), but in the spirit of reciprocation, I'm adding Erik Steinskog's blog to the Music and More Blogroll. His blogroll is quite the reference! And his work looks intriguing. I look forward to reading some of it! Thanks for the listing, Erik!


Erik Steinskog said...

Hi Rebecca, your welcome - and thanks. And even that small comment in both the Norwegian languages. I almost feel I should be blogging in English with such recognitions.

Rebecca said...

AH! Of course---both
Norwegian languages. That makes sense.

Thanks Erik!

christopher jette said...

I shall be in Boston this weekend. A bit pressed for time, but I shall email if I can squeeze it in. Cheers~


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