Friday, February 08, 2008

Metropolitan Opera Meme

I figure it has been awhile, so I'm entitled to some memeage. This one comes from Matthew over at Soho the Dog, via Wellsung, Parterre Box, and Steve Smith:

What did the Met perform on the day you were born? Or if you are a summer baby, the day you were conceived (if you prefer, as was Matthew's choice).

Die Meistersinger von N├╝rnberg {363}
Metropolitan Opera House
Debut: Eva Marton

If we treat this like astrology, I suppose there should be some sort of significance. I'd love to write something witty about being the Abgesang to my parents Stollen, but that doesn't really make very much sense (and not just because I'm adopted). I did write my first "serious" college music paper on the medieval Meistersinger tradition as represented in Wagner's opera.


Elissa Harbert said...

That's very amusing! Mine is Les Contes d'Hoffmann!


Mark said...

Let's see... 12/24/1970 was Orfeo ed Euridice! That's just awesome.

_emily eye said...

Hi there! In (much belated) response to your comment, I'd love if you'd link back to my blog... Not long after creating it I had a small blog identity crisis (my posts were getting to be far too pretentious). But I enjoy reading your posts and I do hope that mine will be interesting as well...


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