Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Vegas, baby.

Four states in one day...not too shabby! Ok, so we basically cut the northeast corner of Arizona, but I'm going to let that count.

We hit the most important spot on the way to Vegas: The Mad Greek in Baker, California. I'm fairly sure there isn't a whole lot more in Baker, CA than the alleged "best gyro in the U.S.A." While the schlock factor was pretty high, we figured it was preparatory kitsch for Las Vegas. I have to say, the fresh strawberry shake was perfect since it was hotter than hell....I mean, Hades.

After our fill of Dionysian pleasures, we headed to Vegas. Our "trip to Vegas" probably registers a high "10" on the great scale of "lameness" but I don't care. After driving down the strip, we finally decided to park at the Luxor (covered parking lot) and check it out. We spent a total of $2 on the slot machines and came out with $2 less. I had a San Pellegrino and H had an iced tea. While I'm sure Vegas is much more exciting at night (and I'd actually like to go back with a few girlfriends), it really didn't do too much for me. I intellectually understand how gambling could be an addiction, but it really doesn't appeal to me. Of course daytime weekdays at casinos usually host the "regulars" who sit in front of the slot machines, their eyes glazed over...where they go, I don't know. All that said, it was pretty amazing to be in a place where people wander around spending money, losing money, making money and all with open beer bottles in their hands. I do regret not going in the evening so I could have seen things like the Bellagio fountains, so recommended by Barnet Bound. But Mandalay Bay and the Luxor were good enough samplings.

We rolled into Springdale, UT at around 8:30pm. We had an awesome dinner at the Spotted Dog Cafe (which was actually a rather elegant restaurant). Of course, with my sunflower seed-encrusted local trout, I felt obliged to try the local brew. And since this is Utah, that would be:

(Actually that's just what was on the glass...I had a local medium ale).

Tomorrow, Zion National Park!

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BBound said...

Hey, the Luxor is great too. Even if it doesn't have the Most Amazing Fountains on Earth. I won $150 with a $5 investment at the Luxor slot machines. Better luck next time, I guess.

Zion is lovely!


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