Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bigger is not always better...

WARNING: Fluff post!

While I'm certainly not going to complain about having a bigger kitchen (and truth be told, I'll take it over our old one any day), I have to mention the design of this kitchen makes me think the cabinetry and drawers were a mere afterthought.

We have three drawers (four, if you count the one you can't open unless you open the oven first). Each of these drawers is fairly large (meaning: no real silverware drawer). Presently we have them categorized 1) big pots and stuff 2) baking ware, small mixing bowls, and my favorite, 3)scary utensils drawer. And the latter is scary in that there are knives facing every which way mixed in with our everyday silverware and salad tongs and carrot peelers and bag clips and...you get the picture. Some of the problem will be alleviated once we are able to hang our silverware again.

As for the cabinetry? Well, I can reach them (an improvement), but they are very deep, rendering the back of the cabinet somewhat useless. We also have two corner cabinets which will only be useful with multi-tiered turntables. In the rare instance we were able to find a tiered turntable, the diameter was way too small. We currently have two entirely too small turntables sitting in there with a bunch of stuff crammed around them. If you are going to build a corner cabinet...build a turntable that goes with it!

That, is the end of my kitchen rant for the day. Truly, I am excited about the dishwasher and the increased counter space. I just think it is funny that I actually miss something about my old kitchen (I never thought that would happen!)

I blog this to spare anyone from having to actually listen to me talk about kitchen cabinets.
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Rebecca said...

Poor Rebecca!!

Well, I went from only 2 drawers to having 12. Yes TWELVE. I don't know what to put in them. I went from 5 feet of counter top to 24 feet of counter top. AARRGHH.

Of course, this is from the remodel. That isn't done yet. My countertop is made of cheap flocked picnic cloths (green/white checked). Except where it is blue no slip rubber floor tread (don't even ask!).

It WILL get better. It has to, really. Just like my house in Salem. There was only one way I could go and that was up. Well, I suppose down would have been a cardboard box, but I think that would have been a step up.

Can't wait for pictures of the new digs. I am sure you will decorate nicely and it will be just awesome.


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