Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Four down, two to go.

Chapter drafts, that is. :-) (Not including the Intro and Conclusion).

I didn't even scream this time when the scanner did its weird loud clicking "refuse-to-scan" thing. I simply pulled out the power supply and reset it. I handled the whole "Word will now crash after running spell-check" thing pretty well too--especially since I think it actually COMPLETED the check this time. (When you have a bunch of Hebrew, German and Latin in your document, spell-checking takes on new meaning).

I even managed to eat three healthy meals today and pick up the dry-cleaning! Not bad. Now I will reward myself by watching LOST.

READ AEP's article for dance reference

FINISH Kaddish Symphony section
  • decide on examples
FINISH Chichester Psalms section
  • decide on examples
INCLUDE note about "Vat II" works
FILL IN gaps on Berrigan Bros.
  • READ The Anderson Papers
  • READ Generation on Fire
  • Include Gottlieb's reasoning (quotes in Agnus dei)
WRITE "Latin Works" section
INSERT "Gloria" as chant ex.
FINISH Mass Reception section
SCAN any remaining music exs.
INSERT any remaining music exs.
WRITE permissions letters

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