Tuesday, March 13, 2007

GTD and Writing

One of the things GTD has taught me to do is to write everything down so that it is out of my head. It is true that this has decreased my general level of anxiety quite dramatically.

I'm thinking I need to figure out how to apply this to my writing...bring it down to a more microcosmic level. As I was plowing through Chapter Four today, I was working on my Alvin Ailey section but my mind kept straying to all the other loose-ends that needed to be tied up. As a result, my Alvin Ailey section lacks focus and seems rather loosely strung together. I found myself getting bored/distracted and moving on to one of several other "blue sections" (I use blue font for missing sections or point for further investigation).

So, tomorrow, I think I will try a different approach. I will sit down with a piece of paper and map all the blue sections. Just like the "Processing" of my inbox, I will deal with the first one on the list. If I have the resources on hand, I'll finish it. If I need something further, it will go in a figurative "Pending" file. I'm hoping "Trash" doesn't apply in this case (although I did scrap quite a few paragraphs last week as I restructured the entire chapter).

Once more, I am forced to say "What they don't teach you in grad school..."

Well, I suppose I can rejoice in this journey of self-discovery.

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Deetie said...

Yay! I think that sounds like a fine idea, and one I may take on myself (after I get out of conference paper hell).

It's always a great feeling to have that sense of organization before you start writing. Sometimes, it's the best part of my day...sadly enough.

Rebecca said...

Yeah, it definitely gives you a path. I tend to wander aimlessly without one.

As you can see, it worked fairly well. We'll see if it works as well tomorrow! (Translation: I'm done for today and it is time for a martini.)


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