Wednesday, March 14, 2007

GTD and Writing: Update

Not that this is of great interest to anyone else, but I feel like publishing it here will hold me somewhat more accountable. It might be reasonably helpful for those who feel stuck when they get to this point in the process.

I did map out my goals for Ch. 4, as I said I would. Of course I only got started at 1pm, but I put in three and half hours of focused work and accomplished a great deal. This part of the process is very painful. It is easier (in some respects) to create prose ad nauseum (I call it "vomiting my thoughts) and worry about tuning it later. Now I am in the "fill in the gap" stage which is not as creatively rewarding.

At any rate, my approach really did seem to work. I ended up with two and half pages of items (handwritten) and set the goal to get through the first page at the very least. I was reasonably successful and didn't feel overwhelmed like when I had all of it floating around in my head.

Of course some of these items take less than five minutes, and some could take the better part of an hour or two. "WF" means, in GTD language: "Waiting For." I tried to take things as far as I could and just left a note when I couldn't go any farther with what I had at my disposal.

So, for accountability purposes, here we have it:

p.1 double negative? (check)
p.2 Berrigan brothers section (see also p. 14)
check Sheppard
WF: Gottlieb article via ILL
WF: call back from Fordham
p. 4 expand footnote on Paul Simon's contribution
p. 7 two examples of folk drama
p. 8 need example of "commentary on the liturgy"
p. 13 look at AEP's comments regarding liturgical dance
WF: Du Fay's Last Works (Journal of Musicology)
p. 14 clarify Jesuit bit (see also p. 2)
p. 15 year for Paul Liebold quote
p. 15 finesse Table 1 (Mass Liturgy Comparison Chart)
p. 20 clarify the "Amidah" and "Kedushah"
p. 25 section on Vatican II and Judaism
WF: research
p. 25 change icky subsection title and fill in the blanks in first sentence
p. 26 check on clothes of Celebrant
p.26 cite outside source regarding Vat II church music
p. 26 mi-sol...where does it go?
p. 27 footnote pun with examples from early literature
p. 29 Music Example (scan)
p. 30 need synonym for "chaos," cite Andre on Haydn (p. 34) and footnote about flute
p. 30 Music Example (scan)--Beneventan Epistle v. Bernstein
p. 30 Footnote (n. 44) needs full citation
p. 31 Music Example (scan)
p. 31 Info on Chichester Psalms
p.32 Sections of Dybbuk, Jeremiah, Jubilee Games? (may cut)
p. 32 brief section on Latin works (Missa Brevis, Lark Choruses)
p. 33 Mass Reception & Conclusion
Example Permissions!!!

Betcha can't wait to read it, right? ;-)
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